Don't Get Fooled

Don’t Get Fooled by Lenora Fulani
(New Alliance Party’s dirty tricks)
By Casey Peters & Maggie Phair
The Soapbox, Los Angeles, Ca. May 1992

The New York-based New Alliance Party (NAP) has, since 1984, been making unsuccessful attempts to take over California’s Peace & Freedom Party. This year, with a multi-million dollar campaign chest, NAP and its presidential, Dr. Lenora Fulani, have assigned a score of full- time paid staffers, many recently arrived from New York, to conduct its takeover war against the all-volunteer Peace & Freedom Party (P&FP). Why would an under-financed party like P&FP resist the efficient and well-heeled NAP?

Perhaps because, as suggested by The Nation’s May 4, 1992 article, “Doctor Fulani’s Traveling Snake Oil Show,” NAP is “more parasitical than political,” using “libel suites, smear campaigns, and outright harassment to deal with critics.”

“And up the ledger.” Says The Nation: Psychic terrorism aimed at party members, disruption and intimidation of opponents, hoodwinking the public, and an ideology teetering between Right and Left, between provocative symbolism and head-spinning paranoia.”

This prestigious publication is one of many, including Gay Community News, The Guardian, In These Times, Radical America and The Village Voice, which warned progressive political activists to steer clear of the New Alliance Party.

An April 6, 1992, Newsday article,” For New Alliance Party, the System Works…And the Money Keeps Rolling In,” details how NAP’s political fundraising resembles a shell game used to enrich businesses owned by party members.

Maureen Smith, state chair of the Peace & Freedom Party of California, complains that NAP members “have misused their privileges” as P&FP Central Committee members “by misleading contributors who believed they were giving to the Peace & Freedom Party when making out checks to “PFP/SF”. NAP members who control San Francisco’s county central committee have funneled donations into Fulani’s campaign instead of into the P&FP treasury, even when the money was solicited in non-NAP counties.

Fulani’s multi-million dollar campaign treasury puts grassroots favorite Ron Daniels at a severe disadvantage in the June 2, California Peace & Freedom Party primary. Fulani had been running as a Democrat, but gave up after placing tenth in the New Hampshire primary. She spent $35 per vote in that state’s election, a level of funding unobtainable by supporters of the independent candidacy of Ron Daniels.

Some people are uncomfortable with NAP’s praise for Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton. (Sharpton is a former FBI informant, San.Francisco Chronicle, 1982; and admits so on Fox news, 2002, press dates pending-Peoples Investigation of 9/11). Others look further back to connections with neo-fascist Lyndon LaRouche. A 20 yearlong history of disruption of groups promoting welfare rights, Black nationalism, feminism, gay liberation, etc., has provided ample reason to use caution in dealing with the New Alliance Party. The New Jewish Agenda, for instance, voted to expel NAP members from membership in 1987.

Maureen Smith, relates that NAP’s eight-year presence in P&FP has been “bad news.” They made an unfortunate start by busing 50 people who had never been to any P&FP event to P&FP’s 1984 presidential nominating convention, most of whom were under the impression that they were coming to support Jesse Jackson. (NAP fooled many people by using the name “Rainbow Alliance” to mimic Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition.) The disoriented NAP recruits were 200 miles from home with no way back other than NAP’s bus. Many of them followed the commands of NAP functionary Liz Munoz to disrupt the meeting until they were allowed to vote as convention delegates equal to those who had been elected by P&FP voters. Some of those seated to halt NAP’s bullying tactics were later found to be registered Democrats and Republicans.

In 1988, NAP elected delegates to the P&FP convention. Finding they were outnumbered, they staged a well-orchestrated walkout and held a rump convention. Their claims that they were the real Peace & Freedom Party, had affiliated nationally with the New Alliance Party, and had nominated Fulani for president were determined to be untruthful by the California Secretary of State. Even Kwaku Duren later admitted that his election as “state chair” of the splinter party was invalid, and that the NAP affiliation attempt was illegitimate.

Maureen Smith says that NAP has “invaded the Peace & Freedom Party, colonized several county central committees, and hired mercenaries. They have rewritten history to suit themselves.”

The New Alliance Party and its presidential candidate, Lenora Fulani, have been spreading lies about the Peace & Freedom Party in an attempt to confuse registrants and demoralize activists. NAP wants to take over P&FP to use the good name of the nation’s oldest ballot-qualified party on the Left (of which the Black Panther Party was affiliated at one time).

Here are three false statements put forth by Fulani in an interview on San Francisco radio station KGO in May (1988):

1) Fulani claimed that the P&FP had never had an African-American woman as its presidential candidate. FACT: Margaret Wright, an African American community activist from South Central Los Angeles, was the 1976 presidential candidate of the P&FP in California and of the People’s Party nationally. NAP founder Fred Newman and several of his followers were in the People’s Party at the time, and were expelled in 1978.

2) Fulani claimed that from 1974 to 1984 the P&FP never registered a single voter.
FACT: P&FP registration declined drastically from 1968-1974. After declaring itself a feminist-socialist party in 1974, P&FP more than doubled its registration to over 45,000 in 1984. Now nearly 60,000 Californians are registered Peace & Freedom Party
3) Fulani claimed to have won the 1988 P&FP primary. FACT: Fulani got only 2,117 votes in the 1984 P&FP primary. She was the top vote –getter in the field of six, garnering the support of less than 23% of the 9,323 people casting a P&FP primary ballot. Her total represented fewer than 5% of P&FP registrants.

Dennis Serrette, The New Alliance Party’s 1984 presidential candidate, now calls NAP a “racist, sexist psychotherapy cult.” It is Fred Newman’s chain of therapy clinics which subsidize much of NAP’s political work. According to Serrett, “every member is required to attend at least one social therapy session weekly, led by Newman’s handpicked psychotherapists.”

Newman says in his 1974 book Power and Authority, “Black nationalism, community control, feminism, the petty bourgeois movement, gay pride, worker participation programs, trade union parochialism, and so on, are concepts designed by fascists to locate a group’s identity in something other than the working class.”

While NAP publicly campaigns for “democracy,” it has attempted through legal maneuvering to get New York’s All-African Unity Party thrown off the ballot. Unlike most political parties, NAP has no by-laws to protect the right of its members to participate in decision-making. The platform is not hammered out by the membership, but is pronounced as “People’s Planks” by Fulani. NAP’s real decision making is hidden in its parent organization, the International Workers Party. IWP was founded and declared itself “the vanguard party of the world” in 1974 when Fred Newman split with Lyndon LaRouche. This top-down inner party cancels any concept of democracy within the New Alliance Party. Tightly controlled by white male Newman, IWP contradicts NAP’s allegation that it is Black-led and woman-led, an observation confirmed by Dennis Serrette.

Newman’s domination of NAP is celebrated throughout the May 21, 1992 issue of NAP’s own newspaper, the National Alliance. The front page proclaims in very large type, “We’re Proud to Call Ourselves Newmanites!!!” One article quotes Fulani: “Newman has given more to the Black community than any Black ‘leader’ in this country. If you don’t get that, you don’t get who Fred Newman is and get who I am and you don’t get what you’re doing in building the New Alliance Party.”

The above expose by Casey Peters and Phair on NAP’s attempts to hijack the true Peace & Freedom Party over several years, are similar to the now 25 year long anti democracy mind-set (or mind-control) taught by Ramsey Clark, Dick Becker and Gloria LaRiva of Workers World Party (WWP) in San Francisco which now, unfortunately controls the main body of the Peace movement in North America.