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LaRouche Linked Cult Rips Off Peace Movement!
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The Clark/ANSWER/IAC Cult: What's In It For You?

Another 25 Years of dead-end, secretive,
cult hegemony and oligarchy?

“Ramsey Clark may possibly be a double agent, working with U.S. Intelligence Agencies.” Frank Morales and Jered Israel's off the cuffs remarks to People's Investigation of 9/11, Fall.03

Frank Morales does research on State repression and Patriot Act 1&2. He is a frequent guest on Bonnie Faulkner's Guns and Butter show on KPFA/Pacifica. Jered Israel is a widely acclaimed researcher on 9/11.

“The Federal government has been hijacked by its own contractors on Wall Street, by Big Business interests.” Catherine A. Fitts, 03,former HUD Assistant Secretary under Bush Sr.


An Open Letter:

Dear Tom Mecca, Bay Area United Against the War and all fellow Labor, Peace and Social Justice supporters and activists,

Time is running out for the Labor, Peace and Social Justice movements. A big military police State is coming real soon in America. Read attachments.

The Peace movement is in deep trouble. And in a 25 year long, unresolved leadership crisis sinking even deeper than before due to the destructive Clark/ANSWER/IAC cult influence and their hidden LaRouche linked agenda.

When we gave you a copy of Peace Movement Hijacked 3 months ago you seemed uninformed about the real background and hidden agenda of the duplicitous ANSWER/IAC leadership and its many other previous names and reincarnations it has operated under in the U.S. That pamphlet report is on our web site. It exposes the Ramsey Clark/ANSWER/IAC links to the Lyndon LaRouche cult, America's biggest private domestic intelligence asset. We have been warning the Peace movement about this since 9/11. See documents and summary of Peace movement vs. COINTELPRO at: www.stopthefourthreich.com

You naively replied that: “If it wasn't for Clark's ANSWER/IAC group, (the largest such anti-war group in North America) there would be no marches and demonstrations the past 25 years. The opposite is true. If it weren't for the massive number of brave, genuine and dedicated anti-war marchers, demonstrators and activists out on the front lines, there would be no Peace movement; their would be no lecherous, parasitic Clark/ANSWER/IAC/WWP cult to sponge off the Peace movement and the left now and for the past 25 years. The Clark/ANSWER/IAC cult, using mass Orwellian deception tactics, has been for all those years and still is constantly, as parasites leeching off of their captive audiences. The Clark cult targets the Peace movement, coning them out of untold millions. It has drained the genuine Peace movement, including your group of its own rightful, needed resources in the millions of dollars; They keep the Peace movement endlessly dependent on their domineering control cult; co-opting the Peace movement and manipulating them to act against its own pro-democracy interests and genuine agenda. The cult is making all groups under its deceptive sway ever more dependent on the ruling cult elite. Is that really the right way to organize the Peace movement or any sector of society at large? We think not. The tragic history of U.S.Intelligence vs. the Peace movement shows this to be true.

Does the entire Peace movement or any part thereof have to revolve around and be dependent upon an unelected, secretive, authoritarian cult? Its top leadership, Ramsey Clark, is closely allied with LaRouche and his destructive, huge neo-fascist political party and its many front groups. It is America's biggest private domestic intelligence asset, which evidence shows, is linked to U.S. Intelligence agencies.

The Labor and Peace movement or any progressive movement does not need a tyrannous cult leadership linked, unchecked to a big U.S. Intelligence operation working to destroy it.

Key questions yours and all genuinely dedicated, democracy based group should ask:

Is Ramsey Clark or his cronies working with LaRouche or with any Government department, Intelligence Agency or asset? Is Ramsey Clark a double agent? Aren't these deeply relevant questions? Don't the toiling masses have the right to know, gain an informed opinion about and decide for themselves?

Why does Clark knowingly endanger the entire Peace movement by closely aligning himself as he does and thus his ANSWER/IAC cult with the biggest private domestic Intelligence asset in America- the fascist LaRouche party and organization? Who needs that? Does that really serve the Peace movement?

Why does Clark coddle up to Nazi war criminals from the Third Reich? - "Birds of a feather flock together." Does that really serve the Peace movement or the cult?

Why does Clark's cult act as an unapologetic, damage control and Orwellian propaganda arm for all of Clark's collusive activities with LaRouche and Nazi war criminals that he defends in court and is closely allied with personally and politically outside of court proceedings? Does that really serve the Peace movement or the cult's hidden agenda?

Has the Clark cult ever offered to share with your group or with any Peace group any of the millions they, using deceptive, unethical means leeched off from the toiling masses- the cult's captive audience? Like Bush, they are Machiavellian- the ends justify the means. Does that really serve the Peace movement or the cult's agenda?

Has the Clark cult ever shown your Peace group or any Labor, Peace and Social Justice group a full financial disclosure statement or the name & address of its chief accountant/treasurer? Where is the democracy? Where is the money? Where is the bookkeeper? Where are their secret steering committee meetings being held with Riva Enteen in tow? How did they dupe Riva Enteen, of the Nat'l. Lawyer's Guild, to get in bed with an anti-democracy LaRouche-linked cult?  Where are the constitutions, rules and by-laws governing Clark's cult and its massive fundraising in the name of the Peace Movement?

Why are all of the Clark cult decisions made elsewhere by higher-ups, far away from the anti-war masses? The toiling masses are locked out and controlled from the top down like COINTELPRO. This began to happen in the late 1970's with ANSWER/IAC/WWP- the same overlapping leadership with different names. How can the Peace movement be advanced and defended against this destructive cult tyranny? What can you do? Should Clark's cult run the Peace movement, controlling all its decisions and resources or the toiling masses themselves?

What should the purpose of the Peace Movement be? To service the self- serving purposes of the anti-democracy cult or to serve the genuine cause and agenda of an independent, non-partisan coalition for world Peace and Social Justice free from government agents and Intelligence assets? The people, the toiling masses, a democratically organized movement must openly decide not a secret cult linked to a big U.S. Intelligence asset.

The Peace movement needs to do a complete re-thinking and self-reevaluation of its own fundamental role, identity and agenda. Should it become a growing number of feudal serfs on someone else's territorial fiefdom “volunteering” for a parasitic, lecherous cult? Or should it be a genuine Peace movement based on open democratic due process that can really put an end to war, build for a new and transformed world -not on a cult linked to an Intelligence asset.

Clark's cult now has, for over 25 years so invaded, infiltrated, co-opted and dominates and is meshed in with the entire Peace movement of North America that it is frequently hard to tell the sheep from the goats.

Has the Clark cult ever explained why they are getting richer (via money laundering of the Peace movement resources which rightfully belong to the genuine Peace movement not to the un-elected Clark cult)? While the genuine Peace groups, from whom they collect millions under their hegemony are correspondingly getting poorer and poorer? Should there be proportional sharing? Should it all rightfully go directly to the genuine Peace groups not the Clark cult who doesn’t deserve any of it? The Clark cult never shares any of the millions they collect from the toiling masses. Isn't that a set-up for self-sabotage? Is that a good way to run a non-profit organization? The Clark cult claims that they run on a shoe- string budget. How much of those millions go to “administrative costs?" Open the books and the secret meeings now. Let the toiling masses, not the cult, see and decide for themselves.

Is Clark's ANSWER/IAC cult simply some sort of government covert operation, a big Orwellian propaganda and parasitic money laundering machine, disguised as a leftist group to set up and rip off the genuine Peace movement and the left; thereby inducing its downfall? Are the big events and demonstrations of the Clark cult, in reality nothing but a (1984 Orwellian induction exercises), revolving door, merry go-round series of self-serving, highly controlled, money laundering, vacuum cleaner (mass U.S. intelligence gathering), staged “political” theatrics? It's a lot of self-serving window dressing; exploiting the toiling masses the past 25 years; depositing all the money into the Progress Unity Fund   bank accoung, giving the well staged, false impression that they are “serving the people”.

The Clark cult never shows a financial disclosure statement. They never invite the toiling masses; who donate the millions, to any of the cult's monthly, secret Steering Committee meetings to make the “big decisions”. The Clark cult gives the phony impression that that is “really progressive” and is some how, in some grand (Orwellian) way “moving the Peace movement forward” -“Serving the people”. Big lies, a rip off and con job. They are moving the Peace movement backward and made disenfranchised. Who does that serve, the Peace movement or the Clark cult? They control everything. The genuine Peace movement gains nothing. Clark's cult gains. The Peace movement looses.

Isn't it anti-democratic and self-defeating to organize and build a nation-wide, world -wide Peace movement based on an unelected, unchecked, oligarchic, hegemonic cult linked to a U.S. Intelligence asset? Cults and oligarchies have historically been antagonistic to open, democratic due process. Has the Peace movement been brainwashed by this oligarchic Cult the past 25 years; dooming the genuine Peace movement to a COINTELPRO/psy-ops type of end game of identity-confusion, self destruction and tyranny? Has the Peace movement become a basket case; dysfunctional; so confused and unable, due to the Cult's destructive, controlling influence, to tell the difference between a U.S. Intelligence mind-control cult operation and the reality of democratic, due process? The Labor, Peace & Social Justice movements need internal democracy not a big, phony control cult.

The Peace movement needs to do a complete re-thinking of its own fundamental purpose, role, identity, vision and goals; about how to really stop imperialist wars and fight for social justice, its relationship with suspicious, Intelligence-linked groups and how to really change the world for the better. Should the Peace movement's purpose include thinking and acting like feudal serfs toiling on some one else's fiefdom for a parasitic, lecherous cult? -A hierarchical cult linked to a U.S. Intelligence asset? Or a genuine, self-empowering Peace and Social Justice movement based on open, democratic due process? These are the crucial questions of today for the Peace movement: Democracy or tyranny?

Many in the Peace movement, due to the Clark cult influence discourage asking these questions. They are even unable to critically read & think for themselves, to critically analyze information, exposes and documents on the Cult elite; unable to do a reality check without the cult thought police doing all their thinking and analyzing for them. The Peace movement should think and act for itself. Don't let any cult, left, Right or center think for you especially if that cult elite is linked to U.S. Intelligence no matter how many progressives the cult has duped to ride on their big band wagon at the cult's self-serving events.

Should the Labor, Peace & Social Justice movements be based on an unelected, secretive, self-serving, money guzzling, greedy oligarchic cult linked to LaRouche, America's biggest private, domestic intelligence asset -a fascist Party?

Why doesn't the Clark cult ever allow any of the Peace movement's toiling masses which he claims to represent, (Is he self appointed or was he appointed by his handlers in the Intelligence establishment) to ever publicly ask any of the above questions or any questions at all about himself and his Cult's (above) shady background and links? Why does everything have to be their way? Why is the genuine Peace movement allowing the Clark cult to control everything? No questions allowed? Don't bother asking the soft, easy questions. Start asking the hard, deeply relevant questions presented here; about who & what they really are and what they are really up to.

After checking the web sites and references below, studying the evidence and getting the facts, should the Peace movement, like some on KPFA/Pacifica, just sit by and keep their mouth shut and don't rock the boat? Go with the flow? Follow the Cult down the slippery slope to oblivion, a Jim Jones / Jonestown mass “suicide” type of destructive scenario? Don't drink the Kool-Aid. It seems to be happening now all over again. Tyranny grows in vicious cycles.

History has a strange way of repeating itself, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area where there has been and still are, especially since 9/11, a lot of U.S. Intelligence and covert ops activity. Those that keep forgetting history are doomed to repeat it: COINTELPRO, SLA/CIA, Jim Jones/People's Temple/MKUltra, the hits on Harvey Milk & Moscone, AIDS Bio warfare, CIA/CBW experiments, CIA drug experiments, the Pentagon's Michael Aqino/ Temple of Set/Church of Satan cult front, Rev. Moon's Humanist Party, the LaRouche/Newmanite/ New Alliance Party, California Home Owner's Association, etc. (Most of the above were in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960's and 70's -some still are) And the sad, tragic list goes on.

There is a long, ugly, violent and grotesque history of these types of destructive, mind-control, COINTELPRO/psy-ops type of cults in America and in the left, especially since the 1960's. There is a vast body of published documents, literature and eyewitness accounts and web sites that expose them. See our Quotations of the Famous & Infamous page for a definition of a political cult in "secret societies."

Many in the Peace movement and even a few among the 9/11 researchers' don't think in terms of “Internal democracy in the Peace movement”. They are not willing to study and see the above issues in their own best interest and democratic survival. Many are incredulous in varying degrees to most or all of the above.   They do not believe or study these as related issues. They do not see or are willing to understanding the above covert links. They seem sluggish and disinterested in most or all of the above issues including the impending Military Police State. Some of the 9/11 researchers (There are two men who live north of the Golden Gate Bridge) see 9/11 itself as only a single issue, a single event; do not see 9/11 as even related to war or any of the above. They have told us so in no uncertain terms since last summer. They have told us that the subject of war should not even be officially discussed at the coming 9/11 Inquiry/conference in S.F in late March. Some in the Peace movement are mental deadbeats and victims of their own sluggishness. They will have a rude awakening when the Pentagon declares Martial Law, possibly by this fall. 04 and launch a massive crackdown on the left, the Peace movement including the 9/11 researchers. Re: Retired U.S. General Tommy Franks.

Don't allow the Peace movement to be turned into a US Intelligence- linked, mind-control cult.

Don't join or support any self-serving group that makes all decisions from the top down.

Don't join or support any group that refuses to publish any kind of financial disclosure statement and refuses to open the books and secret meetings to the toiling masses.

Don't join or support any group whose top leadership is unapologetically linked to a U.S. Intelligence asset, double agents or to Nazi war criminals from the Third Reich-fugitives from justice whom Clark has been codling, aiding and abetting.

Don't join or support any group that discourages you from investigating any political cult's background, its leadership and collusive links to suspicious or right wing groups or covert ops.

Don't join or support any group that discourages you from investigating CIA covert-ops, the Bush regime's links to 9/11, the new COINTELPRO.

Study the good side as well as the bad, sluggish, deadbeat side of the left and Peace movement. Study the destructive results on the Peace movement done by Ramsey Clark and his ANSWER/IAC cult. Study Clark's links to LaRouche, a self admitted fascist and Clark's close links to Nazi war criminals from the Third Reich. Visit: emperors-clothes.com

Is Ramsey Clark really a fascist? He seems to be. He has closely aligned himself with those who are and are pros at it; contracted with U.S. Intelligence; attacking and destroying Peace groups & Black groups since the late 60's.

Investigate the Bush/U.S./Big Oil/drug involvement with and cover-up of 9/11.

Join the call to impeach the entire Bush regime. Put the entire National Security State on trial by the world's toiling and oppressed masses

Join the call to dump the Clark cult. Liberate and re-build the Peace movement from the ground up- based on democracy-free from government sponsored cults.

Change the world!

Stop the Pentagon's “Endless wars!”

Dump the destructive, secretive, anti-democracy LaRouche/Clark/ANSWER/IAC cult.

Re-build the Peace movement from the ground up-based on open democratic due process not on a cult!

Don't let the Cult think or act for you. Think & act for yourself and the Peace movement.

The Peace movement can and should think and act for itself. Build for world Peace and social progress. Build a mass social & political movement, away from destructive cults & government agents; Build a Peace movement that denounces not works with government agents etc. Build a Peace movement that stops war not a Peace movement leadership (Double agents like Clark and his LaRouche-linked cult) who work with the war makers and war criminals.

The Clark cult, linked to LaRouche is leading the Peace movement into a terrible, impending, disastrous set up. And is now setting up the Peace movement for a mass self-destruction scenario, which accelerated when COINTELPRO supposedly ended.

The Peace movement must start thinking and acting in its own best interest - away from the Cult's control, away from the cult's mind-control iron lock- box. The cult has a stranglehold on the Peace movement. It is only a matter of time before Martial law. The Peace movement is running out of time

Study the history of COINTELPRO and Ramsey Clark's role in helping to cover-up all the CIA atrocities, hits and assassinations of that era: JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, Peace movement, and latter the AIDS pandemic and LaRouche's Prop. 64 in California that tried to target people with HIV.

Take back the Peace movement now from the destructive cult invaders that have hijacked it. The Peace movement needs democracy. Not a government sponsored cult! See the evidence below.

U.S. out of Iraq and the Middle East!

U.S. agents and control cult invaders out of the Peace Movement!

Sincerely yours, for world Peace and Social Justice,

The People's Investigation of 9/11


E-mail: 9-11@stopthefourthreich.com

March 25, 2004