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The People's Investigation of 9/11...Stop the Fourth Reich

Lyndon LaRouche and The New American Fascism

Lyndon LaRouche and The New American Fascism

Deception Dollar


The New Alliance Party "cult-like" organization
disrupts and divides

Whistle Blowers

Don’t Get Fooled by Lenora Fulani

Expose The
New Alliance Party & Fulani's
Right-Wing & Lyndon La Rouche Background
& Dirty Tricks

The New Alliance Party is trying to destroy & usurp progressive & anti-war movements, Gay / Lesbian & Black groups via:
  • Disruption of Progressive groups, rallies, forums, meetings, etc.
  • Racist Attacks on Black groups and people that "know too much"
  • Anti-Gay-Lesbian attacks & baiting tactics
  • Cult psychotherapy-mind control & cult house at 251 Pierce St., S.F.
  • Financial misrepresentation & hustling for big money
  • Hostile take-over of Peace & Freedom Party in S.F. and other unsuspecting groups


Clouds Blur The Rainbow by Chip Berlet, Political Research Associates, 678 Massachusetts Ave., #205, Cambridge, MA 02139

Thunder On The Left:  Cultish Ways Of The New Alliance Party
Boston Phoenix, 2/26/88

New Alliance:  Therapy Cult or Political Party?  The Guardian, NYC, 12/23/87

Psychopolitics:  What Kind of Party Is This Anyway? , Village Voice 6/1/82

Inside The New Alliance Party. By Dennis Serette, ex-N.A.P. member, Radical America #5, winter 1988

Nat'l Gay & Lesbian Task Force - Letter of 7/10/89

Nat'l Coalition for Black & Lesbian & Gays - Letter of 6/2/89

Ad Hoc Focus Against Fascism


Casey Peters compares the New Alliance Party’s similarities, U.S. Intelligence links and its deceptive, destructive tactics to those of the Rev. Jim Jones People’s Temple in San Francisco.

  Ramsey Clark's ANSWER / IAC cult are comparable to the LaRouche / New Alliance Party front and Jim Jones People's Temple in tactics of mass deception, covert-ops, psy-ops and links to US Intelligence.

Ramsey Clark, Dick Becker, Gloria La Riva and Lyndon LaRouche have a lot of explaining to do.

  People’s Temple was founded by Rev .Jim Jones, based in San Francisco. It had a major branch in Los Angeles, a residence house in Berkeley, an “agricultural commune” in Guyana, South America, near Columbia, and an enclosed, barbed wire-fenced “ranch/commune”- It was a concentration camp with beatings, forced confinement and other abuses; with armed guards and guard towers near Ukiah, 100 miles north of San Francisco in the mid 1970’s.

  Then, the CIA/Jonestown, Guyana massacre took place on orders by double agent Jim Jones in Nov.1978. That's when 913 of his followers, most of whom were Black people from the San Francisco Bay Area, over 200 of those were children, were murdered with cyanide laced kool aid or shot, including Congressman Leo Ryan, of San Mateo, Ca.

  The Moonies West coast cult headquarters was about 30 miles away near Boonville at that time. They had a large house for recruitment on Sutter & Leavenworth Sts. in S.F.

  The following is an excerpt from Casey Peters, of Peace & Freedom Party, Orange County Central Committee, Los Angeles, 1992: 

NAP: March To Oblivion; The People’s Temple and the Newman Compliance Party; A Provocative Comparison .

  Casey Peters Excerpt:
NAP: March To Oblivion …”

  Trained as a mind-control expert by the U.S. Intelligence community in the 1960’s

  Long history of cooperation and work with Government Agencies and Agents.

  Lured followers with free meals, work, and promise of dignity through ‘self-empowerment’.

  Used Federal money to finance supposedly ‘revolutionary’ campaigns.’

Recruited most followers from poor and poorly educated communities of color.

  White man leading populist Third World movement.

  Infiltrated other movements and took them over, or tried to.

  Democratic in rhetoric-authoritarian in practice.

  Surrounded him-self with trusted lieutenants who spoke for him in public. Rarely appeared him-self in later years.

  Viewed by media, (and through Jones’s huge cult propaganda/City Hall/PR machine-editor) until it was too late, as one more well meaning civil rights ‘Messiah.’

  Cloaked his leadership in guise of popular religion. (Disguised as a Marxist/socialist/Bible thumping preacher -editor)

When the true nature of his organization was revealed to the public, he killed him self (He was shot dead by his CIA/handlers/elite White Guard after ordering the others, including Congressman Leo Ryan, three press people and his entourage to be killed at the Guyana jungle airport during Ryan’s Congressional investigation) and 913 of his followers…..

Congressman Ryan’s surviving staff, who included current California Assemblywoman Jackie Spear soon after, held a press conference in San Francisco; with documents in hand, revealed the Jim Jones/Jonestown cult and massacre was part of a big CIA MKUltra mind-control program.

Above is an excerpt from Casey Peters report:

NAP: March To Oblivion: The People’s Temple and the Newman Compliance Party; A Provocative Comparison


R. Clark/ANSWER/IAC/LaRouche/NAP In San Francisco: Coincidence Or Conspiracy ?


The similarities and deceptive tactics between the Newman/LaRouche fronts reported on this page and the current Ramsey Clark/ANSWER/IAC cult are strikingly similar. Both seemingly different groups originated in New York City; both arrived about the same time in San Francisco, proclaiming themselves “the Left leadership” in the mid to late 1970’s. Both cadres gained ascendancy as self- proclaimed “anti-war vanguard”, as COINTELPRO was supposedly winding down, or did it? All at the end of the Viet Nam war. Both seemingly polarized groups are linked to the evasive and duplicitous Ramsey Clark. Both seemingly opposite camps, but mysteriously linked to Ramsey Clark since the Reagan/Bush Sr. Administration. These strange, secretive groups, appearing to be separate on the surface, have been heavily targeting San Francisco; doing massive fundraising of untold millions of dollars and undermining the main body of the Peace and social justice movements on an unprecedented scale ever since-All in the San Francisco Bay Area; an area with a long history of notorious, destructive U.S.Intelligence/LaRouche activities.

Below are similarities between Ransey Clark's cult and LaRouche's cult fronts.


The following are more exposes on the New Alliance Party, a major LaRouche front:


Inside The New Alliance Party, NAP

Aka Rainbow Alliance   aka Rainbow Lobby etc. (a major LaRouche front)


By Dennis L. Serrette

Radical America, Vol. 21, #5, winter 1988




…At the outset, I want to answer the frequently asked question: “ Is Newman associated with LaRouche?” I simply do not know. I understand that Newman originally completely denied having joined with LaRouche, claiming, instead, that it was his followers who had, but that he was forced to retract the denial in the face of overwhelming evidence. The story told to all organization members who were not with Newman at the time was that Newman and his followers were with LaRouche when he was ‘a leftist.’   ‘A split from SDS,’ pre-Operation Mop-up. I have since learned that this was a lie, that they joined after LaRouche had made a decisive right shift, and participated in the campaign to destroy the Left. I did not see any direct evidence of a LaRouche connection while I was in NAP. But, I was never privy to what was going on at the top-Newman’s household. (Newman is Chairman of his one man rule, self designed ‘International Workers Party’, IWP- Editor) Newman often bragged about how much he learned from LaRouche, and, as noted below, the reported organizational operations of LaRouche’s group are frighteningly similar to those of Newman’s group.


Like LaRouche’s National Caucus of Labor Committees, NCLC, Newman runs a very tightly controlled organization. Like LaRouche, Newman has created numerous organizations (most only paper) with divergent names; some to attract particular individuals, some solely to make money, many with names so similar to true left organizations that unknowing individuals are often fooled (e.g., Rainbow Alliance and Rainbow Lobby, which have no connection to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition; the Unemployed and Welfare Council, which attacked the National Welfare Rights Organization, etc.).


Newman controlled all the resources, personnel, and policies of the organization. When I left in 1984, he was living with three ‘wives.’ One was in charge of all the organization’s finances, which Newman boasted well-surpassed $1 million; another controlled all personnel/members; and the third was in charge of ‘national operations.’


The organization has set up its own internal cast system. Rank and file members worked 14-plus hours a day, often out on street corners raising money.   Newman, on the other hand, spent most mornings reading in his large upper Westside apartment and jogging in Riverside Park. His workday began with his afternoon therapy sessions in his luxury Westside offices…..


Newman has brought a million-dollar-plus lawsuit against The Jackson Advocate , Jackson, Mississippi’s only Black newspaper, and its Black activist editor, Charles Tisdale. Why? When Newman saw the broad support Jesse Jackson received in the South, he decided to target some resources there. He assigned several New Yorkers to Mississippi. Tisdale, having knowledge about the Alliance, ( NAP’s destructive, undermining, infiltration tactics-editor) did not support NAP’s claim on his community. Knowing the time and resources required publishing a newspaper, and the time and resources required to defend a lawsuit, Newman had his lawyer slap a major lawsuit on Tisdale. It does not matter if NAP loses the case. NAP almost always loses. The suit serves its purpose of inflicting injury.


NAP had the audacity to ask me to testify against Tisdale.   I told them that their request was outrageous. Next thing I knew, I too was in court, and receiving calls threatening to have the Sheriff come to my home at night to arrest me. (The Court dismissed their action against me.)


The Main Enemy


In short, Newman operates in total opposition to the movement. Both ‘the Left’ and ‘the movement’ are considered enemies by Newman.   Newman has labeled his suit against Tisdale a suit against the Left, as though attacks on progressive institutions are a good thing. In fact, a review of the National Alliance will reveal far more venomous assaults on progressives than on reactionaries.


Newman uses left rhetoric well, and organizes with a left front. He appeals to what is good and progressive in people, and uses that to build his base. He will as quickly embrace as he will attack a movement, a progressive, an organization, a principle-based on how he can best opportunize from it.   His membership, almost all of whom have absolutely no history in the movement, (are naive and inexperienced with activist groups and authoritarian cults-editor) have few other ways to see the issues.


Most members join ‘the organization’ via politics or therapy. (Newman’s social therapy cult-editor)   Once an individual has been drawn close, she/he is met by two lieutenants and told that there is a secret underground organization, the International Workers Party (IWP), allegedly a left party organization. Membership in the organization requires that you reveal all your resources, and that you turn over everything to the organization. (Even personal relationships are said to belong to the organization, so it is common for a member to report on his/her partner.) Mandatory bi-monthly dues are assessed, and anything may be demanded at any time…..


These few pages offer but an overview of a complex, and, in my opinion, dangerous organization. Dangerous, not only to the innocent, well-intentioned people who are caught in its grasp, but also to the many it will try to exploit. Dangerous, because it uses a very progressive line, and untold millions of dollars , to prey on Black communities, to attack Black leaders and institutions, and to assault progressive organizations at a whim. Dangerous because it can lie outright-lie about being Black-led when Blacks do not sit on the top, (Newman is white-editor) do not control the resources, do not control personnel; lie to its members about its participation with LaRouche; lie about Charles Tisdale; lie about me; lie about whatever serves Newman’s interests, and put forth spokespersons who come to believe these lies. Dangerous because many members will do whatever they are told to do without ever evaluating what they have been told.


In conclusion, while I believe it is important that NAP be exposed for what it truly is, it is our job not to dwell on the organization, which craves controversy, but to concentrate our energies in our communities and organize, organize, organize. It is a vacuum that has been left open that allows NAP and other oppressive organizations to abuse our communities. We must fill that vacuum with genuinely progressive, community-controlled organizations. ….


… Newman created the New York City Unemployment and Welfare Council to pull in some welfare activists and attack the National Welfare Rights Organization.   When Newman decided to switch the focus to electoral politics, he disbanded the New York City Unemployment and Welfare Council, deeply disappointing many of the ‘leaders’ who had no say in the matter. James Scott, Alma Brooks, and Neter Brooks, whose names Newman continues to use, all left the organization. Newman creates the organization, chooses who among the inner circle will ‘lead’ it, how it will run, what it will do, and when it is no longer needed….  


  The Boston Phoenix , 2/25/88: “1987: Officials at the Greater Boston Gay & Lesbian Political Alliance (GBGLPA) receive several complaints from gay businessmen who say they were conned into donating to the NAP by party members canvassing for the ‘Alliance’-implying they were supported by the GBGLP. The GBGLP decides to make it a point not to work with them.”

Nat’l. Coalition for Black Lesbians & Gays , Renee McCoy, Executive Director: “Repeatedly, the New Alliance Party has, under the guise of solidarity, brought disruption and chaos to our efforts. Every chapter of NCBLG has felt the effects of the NAP attempting to exploit our groups and activities. At times, the seductive nature of their rhetoric has caused division and tragically challenged our hard won credibility in local communities. The NAP’s tactics are anti-Peace, anti-Justice, and anti-true solidarity with the oppressed of the world.”

Jeffrey Levi, Executive Director of Nat’l. Gay/Lesbian Task Force , Robert Bray, Communications Director of Human Rights Campaign Fund , Chris Riddiough, Executive Director of Gay & Lesbian Democrats of America , Thomas Stoddard, Executive Director of Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund , Renee McCoy, Executive Director, of Nat’l. Coalition of Black Lesbians & Gays , Joyce Hunter, Executive Committee of 1989 March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights:

Joint letter, July 10, 1989, to:

  Int’l. Lesbian & Gay Associations, Stockholm, Sweden :

Excerpts :

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The undersigned groups and individuals request in this letter that the membership application of the New Alliance Party (USA) be rejected by the International Gay & Lesbian Association (ILGA), or be postponed for consideration until the ILGA’s 1990 conference….

In San Diego, Ca., New Alliance Party (Newmanites) Presidential candidate Lenora Fulani dominated a spring, 1988 AIDS candlelight vigil with a long speech about her campaign. Many were offended by her takeover of the event. (See St. Louis Gay & Lesbian News Telegraph: “Behind the Scenes at the New Alliance Party.”)

At the 1988 nominating convention of the California Peace & Freedom Party, Fulani led a walkout of her delegates from the convention and declared the opening of a new Peace & Freedom Party convention. (Attempted a hostile takeover/hijacking of P & F.P.-editor) Both the genuine P & F.P. convention and the bogus convention called by Fulani nominated candidates. The California Secretary of State’s office could not determine who the duly elected nominee for P & F.P. was and thus refused to accept either candidate, leaving the P & F.P. without a presidential candidate on the ballot unless P & F.P. could hold a second nominating convention. (See Next: “Opportunists of the World Unite1)

At an Oct. 25, rally in San Francisco which was intended to focus on defeat of two right-wing AIDS-related initiatives, Fulani again staged a takeover of the event and attempted to give a campaign speech, but was forced by the crowd and event organizers to stop speaking. A few days prior to the rally, four major speakers from the gay and lesbian community cancelled plans to attend because they did not want to give credibility to Fulani or the New Alliance Party.   None had been told that Fulani would speak at the rally. (See Gay Community News-GCN: “ Fulani fracas at S.F. rally”)

In Aug. 1987, New Alliance Party announced that Vernon Bellecourt, leader of the American Indian Movement, had endorsed the Fulani presidential campaign. It was latter brought to light that Bellecourt was paid $1000 a month as a campaign consultant, rendering his “endorsement” politically meaningless since he was employed by the Fulani campaign. (See GCN: “A Queer Alliance?)…

The New Jewish Agenda, NJA, a U.S. organization of progressive Jews based in NYC, reported an attempted takeover (hostile takeover/hijacking-editor) of their membership structure by the New Alliance Party in 1988 & 1989. NAP members joined New Jewish Agenda in large numbers and dominated meetings (stacked the meetings-editor) by attempting to steer NJA away from its own organizational agenda and toward a NAP agenda. After many frustrating months, NJA voted to expel from its membership all NAP members. (Correspondence from New Jewish Agenda to Nat’l. Gay & Lesbian Task Force.)

In 1985, the Mississippi Welfare Rights Organization, a group of Black women working for welfare reform in Mississippi, reported that New Alliance Party members proposed a merger of NAP and the Mississippi Welfare Rights Organization. After the merger was rejected by the welfare rights group, NAP began scheduling meetings with key organizers from the welfare rights group to conflict with regular, monthly meetings of the Welfare Rights Organization. (See: “Clouds Blur the Rainbow,” page 12)

The New Alliance Party was denied a seat on the 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights and Gay Rights Steering Committee. The decision was unanimous based upon the deceptive and disruptive tactics of the New Alliance Party.

The New Alliance Party claims affinity with and supports Minister Louis Farrakhan, a notoriously anti-Semitic and anti-gay leader of the Nation of Islam. Their alignment with Farrakhan is completely inconsistent with their claims of support for the gay and lesbian political agenda….(The NAP has also aligned itself with Rev. Al Sharpton, a documented F.B.I. informant, according to Fox news, 2002 and other mainstream press since 1980-editor)

Casey Peters , Peace & Freedom Party, Orange County Central Committee.L A. 1993 on New Alliance Party’s Psychotherapy program:

NAP was founded by Fred Newman, a Stanford University PhD, whom the U.S. Air Force paid to write his 1965 treaties on mind control . (Grant   # AF0SR-529-651)

NAP recruits new members through a chain of psychological clinics (Centers for Social Therapy and Research, and Centers for Crisis Normalization), and manipulates its members with the personal information it has acquired. (Does he share the info with the Air Force/Pentagon or any other government or Intelligence Agency? His patient’s need to know-editor)

NAP has a very bad reputation among legitimate Left groups in NYC (its home base), with speculation that either it is a front for an Intelligence agency, or that it is a “Moonie”-like psychotherapy cult trying to become the “Scientology of the Left”….


…No record of funds raised in the name of the (legitimate-editor) P & F.P. has been reported to the (legitimate-editor) Peace & Freedom Party.


NAP has never shared its fundraising secrets, it financial or logistical support with the (legitimate-editor) Peace & Freedom Party.

Casey Peters on: NAP’s Intelligence Gathering Activities :

NAP’s leadership core was expelled en masse in 1978 from the People’s Party (P & F.F. national Party affiliate, 1971-1980) for intelligence gathering and secrecy.

NAP leaders gave information to the FBI in 1974 regarding the Weather Underground and fugitive Jane Alpert.

NAP maintains extensive files on activists in Labor unions, Leftist organizations, and community groups nationwide…..

Don’t get caught NAPing! Open your eyes to further information about Fred Newman’s New Alliance Party:

“Clouds Blur the Rainbow ” by Chip Berlet, Political Research Assoc.

“Thunder on the Left : Cultish ways of the New Alliance Party.”   Boston Phoenix, 2/26/88

“New Alliance Party: Therapy cult or political party?.” The Guardian, 12/23/87

“Psycho politics: What kind of party is this, anyway?.” Village Voice, 6/1/82

Above are quotes from Casey Peters with ref. and other whistleblowers on New Alliance Party/LaRouchies