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Lyndon LaRouche and The New American Fascism

Lyndon LaRouche and The New American Fascism

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Whistle blowers speak out on
Lyndon LaRouche & Ramsey Clark

The New Alliance Party, NAP (followers of Fred Newman, “Newmanites”- editor ) based in NYC, is a major LaRouche front . They came to San Francisco from NYC in the mid 70’ to set up its operations and latter with the help of Ramsey Clark . Read Clarks ’s letter to Janet Reno at . NAP’s main goal, disguised as a liberal/left group; masquerading as “Left leadership”, is to infiltrate, attack and destroy any and all liberal, Left, anti-war (progressive) groups; All this, with the secret and not so secret help of Ramsey Clark, chief attorney of record for Lyndon LaRouche, America’s most notorious domestic U.S. Intelligence asset.   Read eyewitness accounts:

Chip Berlet , Political Research Associates ( /) , Cambridge , Ma: The New Alliance Party is “a totalitarian organization…characterized by an autocratic leader or hierarchy (with) strict control of all aspects of an individual’s life through the uses of coercive measures . At the apex of the NAP hierarchy sits Fred Newman”-A LaRouche hatchet man, Left lingo-jiving, Orwellian double talking LaRouche trouble shooter . Newman’s head office is in the Castillo Cultural Center in NYC.


Chip Berlet : “The primary white intellectual vanguard trained by Newman through ‘therapy’ is in the process of using ‘therapy’ to raise the consciousness of primarily Black and Latino recruits.”


The Nat’l . Gay & Lesbian Task Force letter to Int’l . Lesbian & Gay Association, 6/2/89: “ The New Alliance Party’s long and disturbing history is filled with stories of deception, infiltration, disruption, and attempted destruction of autonomous organizations working within larger political movements . Time and again, Gay and Lesbian activists report feeling exploited and used by the New Alliance Party (a major LaRouche front-ed) and its many organizational affiliates to further the Party’s own agenda, not the agenda of our community.”


Gay Community News , GCN, Boston, A Queer Alliance , GCN, Vol. 16 #3, 10/9/88: “Many Gay men and Lesbians-whether approached by NAP in bars or on the streets-are asking why our community and why now ? A look at NAP’s relationship to several other political communities suggests a history of political opportunism and misrepresentation.”



  Alles Solomon , Village Voice, 10/17/89 : “The Castillo Cultural Center is the cultural arm of the New Alliance Party…NAP is a dangerous, quasi-fascist cult”.


Dennis Serrette , NAP candidate for President in 1984, Peace & Freedom Party’s (P& FP) candidate for President in 1988, Inside the New Alliance Party, Radical America . Vol. 21 #5: “The organizational operations of NAP are frighteningly similar to those of ‘former’ Newman associate, Lyndon LaRouche”


  Dennis Serrette at P & F P public meeting/symposium/candidates rally at Unitarian Church in San Francisco , 1988: “Is the New Alliance Party a front for the F.B.I .?  Let’s check into this”.


Ken Lawrence , The Guardian, 10/19/88 : “NAP and its affiliated organizations are…fronts for a cult, headed by Dr. Fred Newman, that has existed in various forms-sometimes open, sometimes secret-since 1969 . Like his early ally, Lyndon LaRouche Newman has built a political organization based on the condemnation of an extraordinary array of groups and individuals (including causes-ed) as ‘fascists’, including the AFL-CIO, Black and Puerto Rican nationalism, feminism, Gay liberation and struggles for affirmative action hiring of minority workers.”


Dennis Serrette on NAP tactics: “I have a responsibility to reveal the intense psychological control and millions of dollars Fred Newman (a LaRouche front man-ed) employs to get well meaning individuals in our communities (They target the Black community-ed) to viciously attack Black leaders, Black institutions and progressive organizations for purposes of building Newman’s power base . When I was promoting NAP, both the public and internal presentation of me was that of the leading Black progressive . When I spoke honestly about NAP to persons outside the organization, articles began to appear in the National Alliance that would have made J.Edgar Hoover proud . I even received calls from friends that NAP was calling up women friends of mine from years past to see if they could contribute ‘sexual’ dirt to a paper about me.”


Dennis Serrette on NAP’s “Social Therapy” clinics:   “Anytime they organize anywhere to do anything, they always lead off putting together a therapy clinic (like at Castro & 18 Th. Street 1990-98’ . I sat through a number of these therapy situations-some of them that Lenora Fulani, (NAP’s 1990 candidate for President-ed) was in . And I personally witnessed Fred Newman and others bringing Fulani to tears, as they did others in different sessions . After tearing them down they’d turn around and build them back up again and tell them how great they were . Therapy, NAP style (CIA/Mkultra/LaRouche style-ed), is a method for recruiting innocent, vulnerable people, exploiting their vulnerabilities, and controlling their behavior . According to the tenets of ‘social therapy’, private time, private thoughts, ‘critical faculties’ are all ‘bourgeois’ . (Like CIA/Jim Jones in Jonestown Gueyana-ed ) One can only be cured of their ‘bourgeois ideology’ in social therapy . Members are kept busy from sun-up, way past sundown . Members generally share apartments, live communally, and often invite new recruits to move in with them.”


Rabbi Michael Lerner ( ), San Francisco publisher of Tikkun magazine, bared by Dick Becker and Gloria LaRiva of A.N.S.W.E.R. from his scheduled speech in February 2003 A.N.S.W.E.R. rally in S.F. Civic Center because he dared to refer to the Clark/Becker/LaRive A.N.S.W.E.R./IAC group as “sectarian” . As reported in the S.F.Chronicle, Examiner and on Bernie Ward’s ABC radio talk show on February 25, 2003.  Press dates pending.

    N ovember 1, 2003