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The People's Investigation of 9/11...Stop the Fourth Reich

Lyndon LaRouche and The New American Fascism

Lyndon LaRouche and The New American Fascism

Deception Dollar


Quotations from the Famous and Infamous on:
Power, Tyranny, War & Deception

“Ramsey Clark may possibly be a double agent working with U.S.Intelligence…” Jared Israel and Frank Morales , Fall, 2003


John Judge , author, researcher, Coalition on Political Assassinations, Lecture, on: Bush, War, Militarism, 9/11, & The Rising Fascist State in America, April, 03, Oakland, Ca.

(Paraphrased): “I don’t trust Ramsey Clark…If, for no other reason than because of Clark’s cover-up role, since 1963 in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy…Ramsey Clark, all along has promoted the Warren Commission’s lies that Oswald acted alone-no conspiracy. Ramsey Clark has been part of the Official cover-up. Ramsey Clark and his A.N.S.W.E.R. group leadership, like certain other such groups, are phony and are misleading the Peace movement…A.N.S.W.E.R. is not the answer…”


Ralph Schoenman , author, on Guns & Butter ( ), June, 03, KPFA, Pacifica Radio, with Bonnie Faulkner, host/producer:

"The anti-war movement should not only protest against war but also develop and evolve into a broad based political and social movement.”


Lyndon LaRouche , Solving the Machiavellian Problem Today:

“It is not necessary to wear brown shirts to be a fascist…It is not necessary to wear a swastika to be a fascist…It is not necessary to call oneself a fascist to be a fascist. It is simply necessary to be one.”


President Dwight D. Eisenhower :

“I consider it essential that the U.S. forces should continue to take those steps necessary to keep alive the arts of cover and deception”


Dr. Henry Kissinger , Nixon’s Secretary of State:

“Power is the absolute aphrodisiac.”


Jon Rappoport , author, : The Secret Behind Secret Societies, 2003, on Coast to Coast with George Nori, KPNW AM: (paraphrased):

“A secret society is any group that has a covert agenda, carefully hidden behind a benign facade of manufactured or fake reality. This invented or false reality, hidden agenda, actual leadership, ideology and usually sinister aims is controlled by its elite, hidden leadership or higherarchy; All this secrecy is usually unknown or undetected by its peripheral members and new recruits who, unbeknownst to themselves, help spin this fake reality among their outer, dependent group circle and beyond; onto targeted groups or subjects; thus fulfilling the camouflaged aims and deceitful designs of its top leaders… There are several of these ruling elites or secret societies of the super wealthy, property holding class that have created many different types of false realities foisted onto the world, especially in recent decades in Europe and the U.S; such as the British Round Table, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc. to drive for and maintain their global rule. These false realities are custom designed to suite various circumstances; to serve their hidden agenda and goals; chief of which is for total social and political control, mind control, manipulation and domination of the entire planet and its population; using these secret societies as their tool to help rule now and far into the future… The secret societies don’t have an ideology such as Christianity, Judaism –they see ideology as a strategy to grab more power and wealth…”


George Orwell , author, 1984:

" In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”


Dr. Hellen Caldicott ( ) , pediatrician, anti-Nuke author, 1989:

“You are about to loose your country”


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