Time Is Running Out For The Peace Movement!

by Steve Merton  

“Ramsey Clark may possible be a double agent, working with U.S. Intelligence Agencies.”   Frank Morales, Jered Israel , Off- the cuff remarks to Peoples Investigation of 9/11, Fall, 2003


Frank Morales does research on State repression and Patriot Act 1 & 2 .He is a frequent guest on Bonnie Faulkner’s Guns and Butter show on KPFA/Pacifica. Jeered Israel is a widely acclaimed researcher on 9/11 and the planes stand down at emperors-clothes.com


“The Federal government has been hijacked by its contractors on Wall Street and by Big Business interests.” Catherine A.Fitts, former HUD Assistant Secretary under Bush Sr.


The Pentagon/ National Security State/U.S. Intelligence clock is ticking on the fragile Peace & Social justice movements. Time is fast running out for these great movements.


The Peace Movement Has Been Overwhelmed and Hijacked by The Bush/Clark/ANSWER/IAC/LaRouche/Cabal After Big Oil Hijacked America


These important political and social movements are now under mortal attack, a final death grip-strangle holds by the National Security State -the Fourth Reich. These unsuspecting and unprepared movements are being led like sheep to the slaughter by Lyndon LaRouche , America ’s biggest, multi-million dollar private domestic Intelligence asset, under contract with U.S. Intelligence and Ramsey Clark, linked to LaRouche. Clark co-founded the ANSWER/IAC cult about 12 years ago, which is based in NYC.


Since the late 1970’s, the main body of the Peace movement has been put under ever increasing hostile control from the top down; over-whelmed and hijacked by the National Security State. This has happened, evidence indicates, especially sine Bush Sr., Clark and ANSWER/IAC showed up on the national scene in collusion with Lyndon LaRouche.


  Media and Academic Propagandists Are Working For The National Security State


Certain types of propagandists, famous in the academic, main-stream media, and alternative media world such as Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, Norman Solomon, etc. seem to be on an orchestrated crusade, preaching and writing: “Don’t blame Bush, the Pentagon, U.S. Intelligence and Big Oil for 9/11- They had nothing to do with it - The Arab terrorists did it all by themselves.” –so say the damage control propagandists and professional, paid liars. Their secret cabal, crusade is to protect the Bush regime and the National Security State terrorists from being exposed as the real masterminds and key players behind 9/11. They are helping the Bush regime, Big Oil and Wall Street hijack America; down the road to tyranny. They are in fact helping open the door for the Fourth Reich. They are helping set up the Labor, Peace and Social Justice movements for the biggest crack down since the Third Reich. That is part of the massive, evil plot by the “Project For A New American Century.” www.raytal.com .


The Liberal & Left Establishment Denial of Real Events , Problems and Threats Now Facing The World & The Peace Movement, Summarized Hear, Thereby Themselves Becomes Part Of The Problem, Not Part of The Solution. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. We Must Look Unflinchingly At The Cold Facts & Evidence


Most of the liberal & left establishment, the Peace movement included, as well as some at KPFA/Pacifica, are uninformed or in deep denial of this ominous 25 year long, overwhelming control by the National Security State. The evidence is here on this site for anyone to see and analyze. Those in denial still refuse to seriously review the evidence, some of it shown at www.stopthefourthreich.com .


  Some at KPFA/Pacifica continue to have sleaze bags and Orwellian liars like Noam Chomsky, Norman Solomon and Ramsey Clark on their programs. Chris Welch and Amy Goodman intentionally avoid on air probing into the Pentagon, State Dept., Justice Dept. and Intelligence links and backgrounds of the above closet pro-Bush sleazebags. The phony wind bags/ deniers above seem prepackaged into hyped-up media creations, designed by higher-ups into movement idols. This tends to make those programmers at KPFA/Pacifica unwitting conduits for psy-ops and “information wars” manipulation. It makes them unwitting or knowing channels for possibly the Pentagon’s “Office of Total Information Awareness” – (an Orwellian misnomer). They refuse to discuss and disclose their “former” background with top government agencies and Departments. Those Agencies are being aided and abetted by Ramsey Clark, Noam Chomsky, Norman Solomon, etc. No one is asking these questions on KPFA/Pacifica programs.



  Ask Amy Goodman and Chris Welch the questions herein and below:


(A)   Why do they avoid discussing Chomsky’s former high placed job in the Pentagon as a top linguistics expert during the Viet Nam War and his co-ownership, with Louis Farason, of The Old Mole Publishing Co in Paris.


(B)      Ask them about Chomsky being driven off of many University campuses by students all over France due to his twisted, phony “freedom of speech” excuses for his “no holocaust” denying, historical revisionist publishing Co. (never mentioned on KPFA/Pacifica) yet published in press all over Europe. Then you may begin to unravel the real Chomsky.


(C)     Ask about his blaming all of 9/11 on Arab terrorists; claiming that Bush, Pentagon, U.S.Intelligence, Drugs, Big Oil and Wall Street had nothing to do with it. It’s the real Chomsky: spin protective damage control for Bush at all costs .


(D)     Ask them why Chomsky keeps blaming the JFK hit entirely on Oswald.


(E)      Ask them about Chomsky avoiding all but shallow, boring discussions in his recent phony books and lectures, of any really deep probing into coups and assassinations, especially in this country .


(F)      Ask them why Chomsky keeps avoiding real disclosures of the documents and timelines on 9/11 and related covert-ops. Then you may begin to unravel the real Goodman, Clark, and Chomsky and how they are thereby all protecting the Bush regime and the National Security State.


(G)     Ask if Chomsky is still working for the Pentagon or any government agency.


(H)   Ask them why are the left, KPFA/Pacifica staff, programmers and listeners so afraid or intellectually disinterested in checking out the real background and skeletons in their closets of a former Attorney General and a former Pentagon top linguist? Maybe you might discover something really damaging to their artificial, media created icon image. “The professor & Attorney General have no clothes”


Put the same questions to Chris Welch about Ramsey Clark who is frequently on her and Goodman’s programs on KPFA/Pacifica. They’re all part of the problem, not part of the solution. Put all of them on the hot seat. Unravel the real Chomsky, Clark, Welch and Goodman live on KPFA/Pacifica! Make them give a full accounting and disclosure on their broadcasts and in their lectures. Something really strange has been going on at KPFA/Pacifica and still is.  


  Call them live, on air on KPFA/Pacifica, 94.1 FM, phone: (510) 848-6767, 8 AM-10AM, Mon-Frid. Demand no more lies and cover-ups to protect the National Security State and the Bush regime. They’re trying to keep their out-law U.S. Empire from being put on trial!


Most Traditional Spy Methods Are Now Outdated.   Since The Reagan/Bush Regime, The Nat’l Security State Now Employs Control From The Top Down  


The ugly, mounting evidence on Clark’s LaRouche links and his LaRouche type cult secrecy and control from the top down via. ANSWER/IAC is substantially far more devastating to the Peace movement than just traditional types of spy methods.


David Bronson was a political burglar in San Francisco in the 60’s and 70’s. The past 2 years he has been acting like an agent provocateur. Bronson, age: mid 60’s, Caucasian from Connecticut, still shows up at San Francisco Peace rallies and stalks and harasses Peace activists. We have witnesses, photos and names. A report is forth coming. Bronson used to pull off burglaries against the major Peace groups such as the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, Downtown Peace Coalition etc. for the S.F.Police Dept. & FBI in the 60’s and 70’s as reported in the S.F. Examiner (10/15/75) , S.F.Bay Guardian (10/3/75, 3/8/75, 2/22/75), Berkeley Barb (3/10/78)


  There are about two to four LaRouchiens who have been spying on 9/11 activist meetings and rallies. They are all Caucasians, age: mid 60’s to mid-70’s. One in particular, seems to be a ringleader, age: mid 60’s, gray/brown hair with clear framed glasses, in a business suite. The past two years, they have been, especially the one in his mid: 60’s, stalking, spying and working as undercover field operatives and thought police for the LaRouche organization and probably the Intelligence agencies (a standard LaRouchien modus operandi) against the 9/11 research groups and Peace groups.


  One of them, age: mid 70’s, white male, Caucasian, short gray hair, with dark framed glasses, blue baseball cap, was verbally harassing and stalking a Peace activist last Oct.03 at a 9/11 rally in front of the Oakland Federal Bldg. They have been targeting the very dedicated and legitimate 9/11 Truth Alliance in San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland and the Peace & Social Justice Committee of the Unitarian Church in Berkeley, its seminars and rallies etc.


  Those undercover LaRouchians are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They encircle the 9/11 meetings like a hungry flock of vultures and deep mole rodents looking for red meat for their daily dinner. They try to blend in with the rest of the 9/11 Peace activists. Those LaRouche vultures are not your friends. We’ll keep you posted.


  The old proverb: “ If you’ve seen one spy; you’ve seen them all.” no longer applies-post 9/11.The ongoing LaRouche spy problem is part of the broader, current, top down control scenario now unchecked, running the main body of the Peace movement via the Clark’s cult.


  Many unquestioning sheep types in the Peace movement have become the Peace movements own worst internal, naïve, unwitting, “sub-contracted” enemies; They don’t want to ask and don’t want any one else to ask any hard, probing questions of the top leadership, the leadership’s background, history nor any questions on Clark’s suspicious links to agents, double agents, Intelligence Assets etc .


The unanswered, hard questions here presented, yet to be answered by the Clark cult should have aroused the deepest concern in the Peace movement years ago, causing alarm bells to go off and an attorney-supported investigation but doesn’t.


  Some reasons why:


Many In The Peace Movement, Some From Autocratic Family Structures , Want An Authoritarian Cult Leader - Be He Fascist Or Not. They Don’t Seem To Care.


1)         The Peace movement has, in many ways become a movement of sheep; pawns in the hands of highly trained, deceptive, powerful, ( control from the top down) , forcers working in disguise for the National Security State.


2)         Unfortunately, many naïve people in the Peace movement, hooked into the Clark cult, are blindly looking for “a great White male leader” or some authoritarian cult figure; even if that leader may have links to a LaRouche cadre, fascist cult or U.S. Intelligence. They are not interested in checking or too lazy to check the leadership’s background; gullibly assuming that what the cult leader and his elite, inner circle says of him (its own leader) is all true. To some in the Peace movement, the leadership’s background or their possible fascist links “is irrelevant.”


3)       This corrupt, blind acceptance of authority is just like the un-elected, secret cult of Jim Jones, People’s Temple who made all “political”, financial and agenda decisions for every one else in the movement. That type of authoritarian leadership refuses to open the books and secret meetings to the masses . And every one, like sheep, will docilely follow the cult leadership. No questions asked-definitely no hard questions asked of the leadership and no follow-up done on the hard questions. This is what many in the Peace & Social Justice movements seem to have become: a docile, pliable, unthinking, unquestioning herd of sheep. These sheep types have become part of the problem, not part of the solution. They are helping to doom the Peace Movement down the slippery road to tyranny and self-destruction.


Phony Web Masters, Suspicious Archivists, Historical Revisionists Who Control Some Libraries & Archives


4)       You will know if someone has been brainwashed by Government/ Clark/LaRouche propaganda if they believed some one like Paul Wolf, who seems to be a complete phony. He is outright lying. He runs a seemingly legitimate web site “all about covert ops and COINTELPRO.”




5)       Paul Wolf (Or Wolf in sheep’s clothing?) and certain other Orwellian psy-ops spin masters that he seems to be working with, claim in a suspicious letter to a 9/11 researcher, Dec.27, 03 that they (Wolf) “… can’t picture him (Clark) as a government agent. I have no idea what to think about LaRouche, I have never read his writings or taken him seriously. I did not see any evidence of him working as a secret government agent on your web site www.stopthefourthreich.com and thought the claim was unsupported….”   So Says Wolf. The role of this new type of wolf in sheep’s clothing, as he snags unaware people thru his web site about COINTELPRO, seems to be to help bury and discredit any real evidence that serious researchers present in depth. Paul Wolf pretends he didn’t see any evidence and tries to dissuade and derail any legitimate inquiry. Paul Wolf is a bull-shitter. And along with rense.com, another suspicious apologist web sit for LaRouche are highly suspect and duplicitous. Beware of them and their spider web sites. They seem to be spooks and are not legitimate.


6)            Paul Wolf and his likely fellow Intelligence agents are snagging people in via mass deception. He seems to be burying evidence on the new 9/11 COINTELPRO. He seems to have been assigned the task of burying evidence on the LaRouche/Clark double agent cabal. He is asking the Peace movement to suspend all rational powers and consider unimaginable, unthinkable and beyond the realm of the ruling elite’s covert-ops sub-culture reality zone that a former Attorney General like Clark who ran the Justice Department and thereby the FBI, during the after-math/cover-up of the hits on JFK, (a military coup) RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, etc. and right during COINTELPRO-that Clark cannot now be at all considered as a Government agent- “It’s unthinkable!” –they would have us believe. Any former or current top chief of the Justice Dept. and FBI or chief of any Intelligence Agency for that matter, especially if they are known to have been working with, aiding and abetting a fascist group like LaRouche’s, a major Intelligence asset, www.publiceye.com as Clark has been doing should never be trusted . Such individuals can always “slip back under the table” into the Agency or Department they once openly worked for but now without any fanfare-All for the greater power and glory of the Fourth Reich.   Use your street smarts.


Do Not Trust any Former Or Current Attorney Generals. You will be Sorry If You Do. You’ll have a rude awakening when the Joint Chiefs Declare Martial Law


7)       Simply envision John Ashcroft, current Attorney General on the phone with former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who has been openly and unapologetically allied with Lyndon LaRouche, America’s biggest private U.S. Intelligence asset. Is that so hard to imagine? Clark’s cult and the unquestioning multitudes that they’ve hooked in to their U.S.Intelligence spider net tell you not to imagine “such a horrible, unimaginable thing of Clark.” Also, picture Ashcroft and Clark e-mailing and writing each other the past 5-10 years. That would be outside the twilight zone “liberal/leftist” image/persona on loan to Ramsey Clark by his handlers in the Intelligence establishment. This is similar to the Jim Jones/MKUltra and the SLA/CIA scenario.


Peace Movement Put Under Mass “Anesthesia and Amnesia”, Made Almost Dysfunctional-Non-Thinking by The Nat’l. Security State Since The Reagan/Bush Administration. Many In The Peace Movement Can’t Seem To Snap Out Of It.


8)         The Bush regime and the National Security State plan to declare Martial Law and permanently crush and liquidate the Labor, Peace and Social Justice movements.   And to co-opt what remains of them beyond recognition. Many in the Peace movement and in alternative media like KPFA/Pacifica are trying to block this likely scenario out of their minds, keep it off of broadcasts. Some are trying to exclude this from Conference and symposium agendas.


9)         Time is fast running out for the Peace and Social Justice movements. Those movements no longer have the luxury of having a lot of time to figure all this out. The Peace movement has been rendered almost completely dysfunctional and non-thinking. Many of them have been channeled into a mind-set of not asking top leadership any hard questions. It’s not on the cults agenda. Such as:


10)                       “Where is the money $$$ and where is the                democracy?”

Almost no one seems interested or wants to ask this and other basic questions.


The Peace movement began dying a slow death at the hands of powerful forces about 25 years ago when COINTELPRO was supposed to be ending:

  That’s when it stopped asking the types of questions presented here.


  That’s when it began turning over, relinquishing its own rank and file power of internal, self-representative democracy and open, due process to a group now calling itself WWP/ANSWER/IAC. Who elected them? No one.


  That’s when the Peace movement’s own resources began to be channeled away, drained away from legitimate, sincere, struggling Peace groups and into the insincere, wealthy WWP/ANSWER/IAC cult. And getting wealthier.


That’s when all top decisions, resources and hierarchy became accountable to no one but the cult. There never was any kind of accountability in that cult in the first place. Ramsey Clark and LaRouche know that. It was designed that way


  That’s when, against the Peace movement’s own best interest, no questions asked, it was steered into a small, overpowering, highly trained, co-opting, authoritarian, self-serving, un-elected, un-checked, hypocritical, secretive group, hostile to all principles and practice of internal democracy. It is based in NYC, four thousand miles away. The cult is getting richer. The real Peace movement is getting poorer and poorer. Is there a connection? Think about it


It was in the late 70’s that the real Peace movement, no questions asked, began to be replaced by a cult instead of democracy and the PRACTICE of democracy . It became governed, unchecked from the top down-collecting untold millions-part of some ones end game-no questions ever asked.


Someone or some group is laughing all the way to the Bank each week with the Peace Movement’s “donated” money $$. There by, the Peace Movement, found sleeping, being taken advantage of big time was permanently hijacked by the alien, hostile, end-gamers!   The Radical-Right Cult out foxed the left.


All control and decisions from top down since then are now made by the cult behind closed doors. The legitimate anti-war masses, protestors and their hard fought for movement gains and agenda are locked out!   And its resources- $ “donations” $ to the cult locked away-no financial disclosure statements of any kind neither then nor since- No questions asked like:   “What’s happening? What’s going on here?


That was the beginning of the end for the Peace movement and its own internal , life sustaining democracy and fund raising as a model for the rest of the world. Its fundraising, benefactors and membership were also hijacked.


  The cult’s rallies, marches and “political” public forums are now nothing but mass mind-control training sessions similar to Jonestown, Guiana, Humanist Party, New Alliance Party, LaRouche/CIA fronts. Visit the “New Alliance Party” page on this site.


And the Peace movement, no questions asked, just keeps sleeping on and on and on and on ad nauseam.


  Do you really want democracy in the Peace movement or just a cult? You can’t have both at the same time. Each is, by nature, historically antagonistic to the other. Many in the Peace movement, forget that; being made confused by the cult, programmed into being incapable of distinguishing between democratic reality from a mass post-hypnotic disorder. Do a reality check.


Evil begins to happen when good people do nothing .


Please remind Riva Enteen of this. She is a leader of the Nat’l. Lawyer’s Guild and ANSWER/IAC, Northern Calif. Remind her of this whenever you see her high up there on her pulpit preaching about democracy and Civil Rights and the evils of Patriot Act 1 & 2. She and her ANSWER/IAC cult should first practice what they preach.


Don’t’ measure the Peace movement by simply the large mathematical numbers that show up at a Peace rally or march but by the sure measure of its own democracy. Measure the Peace Movement’s real life and success by the value of and genuine PRACTICE of internal representative democracy and open, due process as a model for the Peace movement and for the rest of the world .


  This crucially needed, internal democracy is no t happening now due to the Clark Cult and for the reasons analyzed above. Thus most of the Peace movement, now a tool in the hands of a cult, is dying a slow anesthetized death-no questions asked.


11)      Many in the Peace movement have been brainwashed by the Clark cult, by so many years of devious pre-programmed mind-set by the LaRouche- linked Clark/ANSWER/IAC cult. Do you see similarities to People’s Temple/Jonestown?


The Enslavement Of The Entire World, Scorched Earth Plan and Alternative 111 By The Nat’l Security State


12)     The Pentagon and the National Security State will make Hitler’s insane, sick dream come true, destroy American representative democracy from within like a virus, enslave the whole world to the oil companies and to the Pentagon, launch first strike nuclear and CBW wars of aggression; And ultimately destroy the environment, the entire eco-system and our beautiful Planet Earth. The corporate militarists will eventually make the scorched, irradiated Earth uninhabitable, weaponize outer space and escape to far flung space stations or space platforms as they are now preparing to do. The corporate militarist elites will leave the scorched Earth and its starving, dying masses far behind. It will be far worse than the Third Reich could have dreamed of. Mae Brussell researched this long range Pentagon plan called “Alternative 111.”   www.maebrussell.com


The New Fascist Party Of The Fourth Reich Will Be Modeled After The Current LaRouche/Clark/IAC Cult And The Republican Party


13)       They seem to be planning it that way. Their evil plots and global conspiracies, regrouped into the Fourth Reich will eventually spiral downward into utter violence, depraved fanaticism, chaos, barbarism and global suicide; the likes of which will be unseen since the dawn of man and the state.


14)      The National Security State, in its transition phase to The Fourth Reich, will eventually replace the current political Parties as we now know them, with a new type of “above the table” and “off the books” two tiered mass Party, one above ground, the other side of it underground, similar to the current LaRouche/ANSWER/IAC cult and the Neo-Nazis and Aryan Nations groups.


15)     Ramsey Clark calls the LaRouche organization which he has aligned himself with a “persecuted Party” in his letter to Janet Reno: read: Peace Movement Hijacked. The fascists always claim, in Orwellian lingo, to be “persecuted”.


The New Fascist Party of The Fourth Reich Is Helping And Will Continue To Help Crush And Liquidate Democratic Forces At Home And World Wide.


16)       When the Fourth Reich is fully instituted, covering the entire Earth under its dark criminal, militarized shadow, the LaRouche organization, being the current civilian cadre model, the under ground Party sector will merge with the above ground sector nation-wide.   They are now building a regrouped cadre into a Fascist Party coalition of the Fourth Reich. This new Fascist Party is being aided and abetted by Lyndon LaRouche, Ramsey Clark and his ANSWER/IAC cult, the Republican Party, some unsavory elements in the Democratic Party, the Christian Coalition, the war-hawk Televangelist fanatics, Rev.Moon’s Unification Church cult, the Church of Scientology-“The Cult of Greed” as reported in Time magazine,   (press date pending) Noam Chomsky, Norman Solomon, Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s cult, some Nazi war criminals and fascists from the Third Reich, Neo-Nazi groups and individuals and militaristic ultra-Nationalists.


17)     Many in the Peace movement seem uninformed and uninterested in this 9/11 era massive regrouping toward a big Fascist Part in the U.S; a militaristic build-up that is on the verge of bashing them (the Peace Movement) over the head, rounding them up, placing them in mass, forced internment and in some cases, mass liquidation. The LaRouchians will gladly help operate the gas chambers now built and waiting in Indiana.   Visit: www.tedgunderson.com


18)     When is the Peace movement going to wake up and snap out of their current Clark/ANSWER/IAC mass induced mind-set amnesia and group anesthesia-mind-control? When it is too late.


Current Militaristic, Dooms Day Fascist Cults And Televangelists Are In The Service Of The Fourth Reich


19)    Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s fascist, militaristic, doomsday cult is based in Montana, as reported in the San.Francisco Chronicle about 8 years ago, (press date pending). It controls the largest stockpile of privately owned military hardware, massive weapons stockpiles, armored tanks, concrete bunkers and bomb shelters etc., on thousands of acres of woodlands in Montana, than any other private group in North America – More than Waco and Jonestown.   History has a strange way of repeating itself.


When Will The Peace and Social Justice Movements, What’s Left of Them-That haven’t been co-opted, Wake Up?


  Stop Following After Secret Fascist Cults And CIA Mind-control fronts.

There Is A Long History of This In America and in the Left.

  Re: Oswald’s fake left front: “Fair Play For Cuba Committee”, Jim Jones/ Jonestown, SLA, Waco, New Alliance Party, Humanist Party, etc.


  The Fourth Reich Is Coming And Coming Real Soon. Start Thinking and Get Busy. Dump The Cults And Build Democracy In The Peace Movement & In the World. We Need Democracy, Built From the Ground Up, Not Government Sponsored Fronts/Cults


20)     The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Rev. Moon and his Unification Church, based in S. Korea, are working very closely with the Bush Family since the Reagan/Bush Sr. administration , (Very much like the Bush/Bin Laden Families) – They are joining forces with the LaRouche organization, the Republican Party and the Televangelists. They are part of a really big plan the Pentagon and the National Security State have been working on since Project Paperclip (Smuggling Nazi scientists into the U.S. to go to work on the Bomb, the rocket and mind-sciences-mind-control) at the end of WW11.


21)     They will begin to do this, big time when the Pentagon declares Martial law nation-wide, permanently, suspends the Constitution, disbands all of Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court following a major Pentagon, CIA sponsored CBW attack (Plan: P20G) possibly by this fall, 2004, cancel the Nov. 04, Presidential election, and launches a possible “Pre-emptive” nuclear first strike war of aggression in Asia or the Mid-East or both.


Know who your enemies are; what they’ve been doing to you and plan to do to you in the very near future.


Know whom your friends and allies are, what they’ve been doing for you and the personal and ultimate sacrifices they are making and will make.


  We are now at the biggest cross roads of world history and for the very survival of life on Earth: to stop the Fourth Reich and put an end to all social, political, gender, sexual and cultural hierarchies-a world without borders, for Peace and equality- for global cooperation, not materialistic competition and nationalism.


Save and develop the struggling Peace & Social Justice Movements, but free from government sponsored fronts and cults. Don’t allow the Peace movement to be turned into an authoritarian cult, channeled and controlled from the top down.


The Peace movement is now almost an empty shell and a mere shadow of its former self-almost empty of basic internal, representative democracy except for only a few small groups who believe in and practice democracy in their groups.


The Peace Movement is now under ruthless, unrelenting attacks by the National Security State and covert ops. They want to finish off the Peace movement once and for all. They have been planning this for many years. 9/11 is their opportunity.


The National Security State is destroying the world and human civilization itself.


The Labor, Peace and Social Justice Movements are not immune from the Empire’s end game scenario. Foreign and domestic right wing and fascist groups have been contracted to help in their big projects for control and clamping-down    


  We are now in the monumental, epic, world wide social and political struggle to expose 9/11 and its progenitor the National Security State and its destructive, greedy, economic, political, racist and genocidal system.


Understanding all the above and our current place in world history, and in this post 9/11 era, we must unite the Labor, Peace & Social Justice movements, rebuilt from the ground up, with the oppressed people’s of the world. We must unite with all democratic and progressive forces world- wide. We can thereby stop all imperialist wars and bring the true 9/11 terrorists and their destructive, narcotics addicted system that still sustains them to justice .


  The oppressed peoples of the world can bring the war criminals and their entire system to a full accounting. This is how to stop war and social injustice; building for a new world without borders; not by joining or supporting a secret government /LaRouche linked cult of tyranny.


Down with the Fourth Reich!


The People’s Investigation of 9/11


E-Mail: 9-11@stopthefourthreich.com


Updated Jan. 27, 04